Rescued Potcakes

Potcake Party dogs on the deck
With all these Potcakes, it’s a full house! Even when we’re outside.
We bring you the tales of some Potcakes we have helped to rescue and place in loving homes.

We hope you will come back and see all that we have to offer.


Each Potcake is unique.. and not only in their appearance. But don’t just take our word for it:

Hurricane Matthew 2016

In the wake of October 2016’s Hurricane Matthew, we flew to Andros Island, Bahamas.  While there we were able to aid persons and bring needed supplies to many.  We also brought four Potcakes back with us; an eight month old, and three then struggling siblings.


Daisy, the eight month old Potcake we saved has found her forever home in Texas.

3 Puppy Potcake Dogs recued in 2016

The gang of three have returned with us and have been getting care in Oregon. We hope to help these young Potcakes find their forever homes soon.


3 Potcakes cuddling
Otis, Rocko & Butters: 1st night in Oregon

It would be great to place them here in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. Stay tuned, or reach out to us if you are interested in applying to adopt.


Potcake Puppy OtisOtis is now looking for a home.  Otis will thrive if he is placed with a family, and has a nice yard to play in.


Butters is quite the cute girl, with a strong spirit.

Butters the Potcake Puppy relaxing   Butters the Potcake Puppy



Rocket the Potcake PuppyRocko is now in California, sharing a home with Ike an older Potcake, also from Andros.
He is playful and strong. Did we mention adorable too?


Gus the rescued Potcake dog floats on the sea
Gus afloat on his own private island.

Gus was an expert fisherman. As one of our older Potcakes, he was a sweet old man with a stellar attitude.  He was always very patient with the younger pups as they learned about boundaries, and what it means to be part of a pack.


Our rescued Potcake Junior as a puppy in transport flying
Junior as a puppy, secure for transport in his tote.. from the beach to the skies! What a change.

This big boy is the protector of the pack. Junior is able to keep the peace with just a glance, drawing on his strength and demonstrating his beautiful demeanor. He even looks after Salty Kitty as if she were his own pup.

Potcake dog Junior is covered with sand after play
Junior.. one Sandy boy!

Ms. Ginger Lee

Ginger the Potcake in lean tough times
Ginger, now a member of our pack, first showed up super lean and hungry for both affection and food.


Peanut the Potcake when she was in need of rescue.
Peanut was shy but hungry when she first came around. Eventually she joined our pack, but here you see her when she was in need of some TLC.


Elvis our recued Potcake dog
Elvis is playful and young, full of energy but also a superb cuddler.


Ike the rescued Potcake
Ike enjoying the California lifestyle.


Stella the rescued Potcake dog
Oh Stella… Could you be any cuter?

Stella and Ike have been the inspiration for Ike & Stella, a boutique style handmade dog and cat collar company based in Los Angeles.

Ms. Etta J

Etta J the rescued Potcake dog wears a Seattle Seahawks hat
Well… turns out Etta’s lucky hat wasn’t enough for the Seahawks to emerge victorious in the SuperBowl. But she sure is cute!

Whether sunbathing on the deck, learning to play with the big dogs, or riding shotgun in the truck, Etta J is pretty easygoing.


Abby at 9 weeks old
Abby at 9 weeks, and 6 pounds.

Born the runt of her litter, we weren’t sure if Abby would make it. Today she is thriving and is the fastest dog at the DogPark.

Abby the rescued Potcake
Abby loves to get out and run. Pleasing her is a walk in the park!


Cayman the rescued Potcake dog
Cayman. What a handsome fella.

Cayman lives in Florida… And is Junior’s brother.


Teddy the Potcake puppy shows his playful Potcake puppy spirit.
Teddy showing his playful Potcake puppy spirit.

Teddy lives in Florida… And is Junior’s brother.


Maddie the rescued Potcake dog
Maddie has got it made! No more scrounging for leftovers… unless it’s gourmet. :)

She is in British Columbia, Canada.


two potcake dogs rest, Storm and Maddie
Stormie and Maddie have a rest together.

British Columbia, Canada.


Fritter the rescued Potcake dog
Ashley has found a forever friend in Fritter.

Fritter spends time in Florida, but follows Ashley anywhere.

Fritter the rescued Potcake in Ashley's loving arms
Fritter the Potcake in Ashley’s loving arms


Bimini the rescued Potcake dog
Bimini has got it made! Beauty, brains and a luxurious bed.

Bimini makes her home with Ariel, and is an excellent travel companion.

Bimini the rescued Potcake dog takes a ride in car
Bimini’s  Chauffer, Ariel. Good times on the road.


Pumpkin the Potcake dog showed up on the steps one day, looking for affection and care.
Pumpkin showed up looking for some TLC

Pumpkin has been traveling and was recently seen in the Midwest, having quality time with family.

One of Junior’s Sisters

This rescued Potcake dgo wants to play
Tug-o-war? Junior’s sister, ready to play.

She was rescued to Colorado.

Another of Junior’s Sisters

Another rescued dog finds comfort.
Potcake Saga helps another rescued Potcake dog find a good home.

She was rescued to Colorado.

Two more Potcakes

have been rescued, and are living in Colorado.

Salty Kitty (she’s our honorary Feline Potcake)

 Salty the rescued Potcake cat

This kitty can hold her own and she might even think she’s a dog.  She is from Andros. She is tough! Salty the Kitty likes to roughhouse with Elvis, and she gives Abby a run for her money too.


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