Our Wines and Vines

Our vineyard of Pinot Noir,  rooted in the volcanic Jory soil of the Dundee Hills, spans a south-facing hillside.  It provides ideal climatic conditions that helps our land produce such exceptional Pinot Noir grapes.

Our History

Our vineyard, originally planted in 1998, has been producing Pinot Noir once per year since 2001. Wines from our vineyard have typically been offered in limited quantities, often just a few hundred cases per year, under the Saga Hills label. As our vines matured, and the roots ran deeper, the wines regularly and repeatedly earned acclaim, high ratings, and were well received by those who managed to obtain them.

Today, Potcake Saga continues to work with the same team that produced those highly desirable vintages. As our team of agricultural specialists tend to our vineyard, we continue to work with the renowned winemaker whose expertise benefited Saga Hills. She has been garnering acclaim for Oregon wines since before the time of our vineyard’s infancy.

Our Philosophy

Our unwavering attention to detail and our emphasis on Quality over Quantity play a key role in bringing out the essence and subtleties of what nature brings to fruition in our vineyard.  Our aim is to simply produce the most superior wines possible. The result is a consistency of quality that leads to superbly balanced and nuanced wines, masterfully crafted and tended to with care.

Pinot Noir ready for Harvest, Potcake Saga 2014
2014 proved to be an exceptional year, in terms of growing conditions… Not too hot,  Not too wet… with plenty of time for fruit to develop the depth of flavor and the nuanced notes that make for the start of a superior Pinot wine.  It will be a few years before we present the resulting vintage in bottle… but it’s certain to be well worth the wait.

Our Vision is Clear

Our first goal is to bring to bottle the finest Pinot Noir wines possible. We look forward to offering multiple releases and some special reserve limited-edition cases as well.

Potcake Saga is now producing Sparkling wines, and Rosé also.

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