About Potcakes

What is a Potcake?

A Potcake is a mixed-breed type of dog that can be found on islands in The Caribbean.. more specifically, in The Bahamas or Turks & Caicos Islands.

The Bahamas are located off the Florida coast
Potcake dogs can be found on islands across The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.

The name is a term of endearment, and comes from the word “potcake”, which is what Bahamians call the leftover rice mixture often stuck in the bottom of the family cooking pot. After a meal, Islanders traditionally place the remains from the cooking pot outside as a way to feed the stray dogs… Thus the dogs became known as “Potcakes.”

On The Origin of Potcakes

The ancestry of Potcake dogs is varied and somewhat mysterious.

More than 1500 years ago, people came from South America by canoe and brought the first dogs to the Islands. When the Spanish arrived more than 500 years ago, they also brought dogs which became forever intertwined with the native dogs. In the centuries that followed, merchant ships often brought Terriers to the Islands, since Terriers were prized for their ability hunt and could protect precious cargo from rodents. During the U.S. Civil War even more dogs were introduced, as people moved to, and passed through, The Islands.

Today, the saga, or story, of Potcake evolution continues… as additional breeds of dogs are brought to the Islands as pets. Those pets often mix with the native Potcakes, further changing the Potcake lineage.

What Are Potcakes Like?

In short, they are the cream of the crop…

Over the centuries, it’s been the most hardy and adaptable of the Potcakes that have survived to successfully reproduce. The Potcakes typically work collaboratively in packs to improve their chances for survival.

Potcakes are resourceful, strong, intelligent, determined, brave and loyal. Those very traits that help Potcakes succeed in the wild also make Potcakes excellent additions to most any family.

Why Do Potcakes Need Help?

Despite the tough conditions Potcakes face, their numbers continue to increase at unsustainable rates on every Island where they are found.

How Do We Help Potcakes?

Humane spay/neuter round-up programs for dogs on the Islands empower residents to help steer Potcake populations toward sustainable levels. Without these programs, many Islanders would not have any access to spaying for their pets, as most islands don’t have veterinarians. These programs help pets as well as the native Potcakes.

Rescuing Potcakes and finding them homes elsewhere further helps reduce population pressure. We get to save canine lives as we share the beauty of Potcakes with the world.

Etta J - a rescued Potcake dog
Happiness is…  a Rescued Potcake.

Which Potcakes Are Rescued?

Young Potcakes usually make the best candidates for rescue, since preventive veterinary care is most effective when given to the young. Proper treatment helps them to overcome and avoid the health problems that tend to otherwise shorten a Potcake’s lifespan in the wild. Yet older Potcake dogs can be, and often are, rescued successfully too. Potcakes can live long, happy, healthy lives when they are fortunate enough to be welcomed into loving homes.

Meet Our Rescues

To learn about the Potcakes in our immediate family and other Potcakes we have helped to place in loving homes, be sure to check out our Rescued Potcakes .

Three rescued Potcakes playing on the beach.
Three rescued Potcakes at play on a beach.